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  • Dirty laundry is piling in her room
  • Saints protect her now
  • try on my clothes but you can't fill these shoes
  • I don't believe in saints

  • I can fly anything.
  • Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon.
  • He's so ugly! I love him!
  • Autumn, the years last... loveliest smile.

  • "I've Probably Said This Before," :: Round 2: Moodboards :: Battle of You as a Superhero
  • "It's Just Us Against the World" :: Round 1 :: Battle of you as a Superhero :: LATE!!!!
  • **TBF** "Wow! "Star Wars" was never like this!" - Katherine Pryde :: Fandoms: Next Gen :: Round 1: It's My Life :: Meredith Quill **TBF**
  • **TBF** "I'm just an honest man living in a dishonest world." - Gambit :: Fandoms: Next Gen :: Round 1: It's My Life :: Matthieu Lebeau **TBF**
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  • Livin' on my sofa,drinkin' rum and cola underneath the risin sun
  • Every little thing I do, never seems enough for you
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  • Daddy Issues//The Neighborhood

  • But those with an evil heart seem to have a talent for destroying anything beautiful which is about to bloom. // OC // Celine Lennox // Star Wars
  • Those hardest to love need it most I watched our bodies turn to ghosts Such good friends, it has to end it always does That's the way life is Do we take that risk? // OC // Honey Summers // Avengers // Marvel
  • This is the end. Pretend that you want it. Do not react. The damage is done, the police are coming too slow now. I would have died, I would have loved you all my life. // OC // Rosie Tate // Avengers // Marvel
  • Did you find it hard to breathe? Did you cry so much that you could barely see? You are in the darkness all alone. And no one cares, there is no one there //☤// Cybermen //☤// Doctor Who

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